Your weekend comments thread is open for business

By | 30th September 2017

Reset and recuperate with friends both online and off.

Weekends are all about taking time to shake away the work-week brain dust. No matter your job, work can get stressful and everyone needs to find time to step away and remember how to enjoy themselves. That could mean something quiet and relaxing or extreme and adrenaline pumping, or anything in-between. And while you're winding down from it all here's the place where you can get together with friends and chat about anything.

I like to spend my downtime with either a fishing pole or a guitar in my hands, and it seems like everything is awesome while I'm doing either. My job is filled with cool stuff that I enjoy, but it still can be stressful so I value doing the other things I love whenever I get a chance. I imagine most of us feel the same way, even if you've not yet found the job you love.

More of that fun and possibly stressful work will be heading our way very soon, as we get our keyboards and minds lubricated to prepare for Google's October 4 hardware show. Andrew and Russell are headed to San Francisco, Daniel is going to get together with Google Canada and the rest of us will be typing furiously and watching the live stream. Nobody is sure exactly what Google's one big thing will be this go 'round, but we're sure they will drop a bomb about something while they show off the new Pixel 2 phones and other products. They always do.

It will be fun, and we'll be ready!

So what are you up to this weekend? Jump into the comments below and let's talk about it.