Verizon Prepaid Family Account offers individual data buckets, savings on multiple lines

By | 3rd October 2017

Flexible data tiers and multiple line discounts make this an enticing offer for families that rely on Verizon's coverage.

With smartphones creeping closer and closer to the $1000 range this year, many of you will likely be looking to cut costs elsewhere so you can still pick up the latest and greatest that 2017 has to offer. Prepaid service plans typically provide cheaper month-to-month rates than what you'll find with most major carriers, and Verizon's new Prepaid Family Account aims to bring monthly savings to those with multiple lines.

Before we get into the money-saving side of things, one big change for the Verizon Prepaid Family Account is that each line will have access to its own allowance of data each month. This gives each family member more data for themselves rather than having to share a single amount with everyone else, and it allows for even more tweaking of your plan based on each person's own data usage habits.

All prepaid lines come with unlimited talk and text, and data tiers include 3GB, 7GB, 10GB, and Unlimited. Each data tier will have a base price for the first line that's added, but you'll be able to get a discounted rate on your second to fifth lines to help cut down on costs.

The exact breakdown of the pricing is as follows:

  • 3GB Plan – $40/month for the first line | $30/month for the second-fifth lines
  • 7GB Plan – $50/month for the first line | $35/month for the second-fifth lines
  • 10GB Plan – $60/month for the first line | $40/month for the second-fifth lines
  • Unlimited Plan – $80/month for the first line | $60/month for the second-fifth lines

Per Verizon Prepaid's Executive Director, Ron Zanders:

Now you and four members of your family can get onto one prepaid plan and say goodbye to create separate accounts for everyone. Combine that with the flexibility of mixing different prepaid plans to fit each member of your family and Verizon Prepaid Family Account is a really great value.

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