Google Pixel Buds, Google Clips, and updated Daydream View VR announced

By | 4th October 2017
Google Pixel Buds

Despite revealing two smartphones, two new Google Home products, and a new Pixelbook device, Google also had a few accessories to announce at the end of its event today.

Daydream View VR

First, Google announced some key updates coming to the Daydream View VR headset, including new fabric and updated lenses for a more comfortable and immersive VR experience. Next, Google revealed that they have gone from 25 VR titles last year to over 250 VR titles this year. Soon, Daydream View VR users will be able to immerse themselves in captivating IMAX films as well.

Google’s updated Daydream View VR headset will retail for $99.

Google Pixel Buds

Google also announced a new pair of Bluetooth earbuds called Pixel Buds. The Pixel Buds are connected with a wire in the back, and will have instant Google Assistant access with a connection to a Pixel smartphone. The headset comes with a pocket charging case that holds multiple charges.

One of the most impressive features of Google’s Pixel Buds that make it more than “just another Bluetooth headset” is its ability to give real-time translation using the Pixel Buds and the Pixel’s front-facing stereo speakers. Pixel Buds can translate up to 40 different languages.

Pixel Buds will retail for $159, with pre-orders beginning today.

Google Clips

Finally, Google announced a new camera accessory called Google Clips. Stated to “catch the moment so that you can be in the moment”, Google Clips are exactly as they sound: a weightless camera that clips on to various items, giving a first-person view of an experience. The device clearly features a camera lens and an indicator device when it’s taking a photo or recording, and will only store photos in the device until the user decides to move them somewhere else.

Google Clips will retail for $249, and is said to be “coming soon”.

Readers, what are your thoughts on these new accessories from Google? Given that so many of them work best with a Pixel device, do these influence you to pick up a Pixel of your own?