Android Wear section disappears from Google Store, smartwatches “no longer available”

By | 5th October 2017

Between all of the new Google product announcements yesterday it was easy to forget about Android Wear. Google didn’t reveal any new smartwatches for its wearables platform at the San Francisco event, though it updated just about everything else.

Not only was Android Wear absent from the show, however, but its dedicated section has actually disappeared from the Google Store page.

This was typically one of the main sections on the Google Store, but 9to5google noticed that it had been pulled yesterday during the launch of the new devices. The thing is, the Android Wear part of the site is still in operation, you can access it here, but the smartwatches there are now listed as “no longer available.”

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This isn’t the same as the “out of stock” listing, which would indicate that the watches would be available again, so it looks like the LG Watch Sport and LG Watch Style (Google’s smartwatch pair that arrived earlier this year) may not be coming back.

Though it would be quite the scandal if Google had quietly dropped Android Wear while we were all dazzled by the lights of its product releases yesterday, this probably isn’t the case. Google recently rolled out its first Android 8.0 Oreo beta for Android Wear, so it appears to be still in development. But what exactly this means for its future, and Google’s future smartwatch products, we can’t yet say.

It could simply be that Google only wants to focus on its new, own-brand products at the store (as is now the case) rather than older devices with other manufacturers’ names attached to them. Further, Google has been particularly careful with the colors and designs of its new lineup so that they are unified — perhaps it had decided that the LG-made smartwatches just don’t fit in?

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