Razer says that its ‘biggest unveiling’ is coming November 1st

By | 11th October 2017
Razer November 1 event teaser

Rumors claimed earlier this year that Razer, a company traditionally focused on PC gaming, is planning to launch a smartphone. Now it looks like we may be less than a month from seeing that phone debut.

Razer has announced its “biggest unveiling” for November 1st. The company hasn’t said what it’s got planned, but a teaser image shows a person holding a device in their hands with a bright light shining on their neck and face.

We’ll have to wait until November 1st before we know for sure what Razer’s got planned, but a smartphone certainly is a possibility. Not only have previous rumors suggested that Razer is prepping a phone following its purchase of Nextbit, but the device in Razer’s teaser image does look like it could be a phone.

It’s largely unknown what features this mysterious Razer smartphone could offer, but reports have suggested that it’ll be aimed at “hardcore gamers”. That could mean a features like a large high-res display, a beefy processor, and lots of RAM.

Does a gamer-focused smartphone from Razer interest you?