Google is Extending Preferred Care to 2 Years and Eliminating Deductibles for Pixel 2 & Pixel 2 XL Customers

By | 1st November 2017

Rejoice! If you own a brand new Google Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL, then we have some good news to share. Google is sending out emails to its Preferred Care customers tonight telling them that they are extending the manufacturer’s warranty from 1 to 2 years. Not only that, they are also eliminating deductibles if you experience hardware failures due to normal wear and tear during the warranty period!

This news comes in light of the recent display-related troubles that some Pixel 2 XL owners have been having experiencing. Some people took issue with the muted colors of the display’s default calibration profile while others experienced temporary burn in and blue tint color shifting. To address these issues, Google announced that they would offer an update that would bring a more saturated color profile to the Google Pixel 2 XL. Furthermore, to make things up to their customers, they announced that they would extend the 1 year manufacturer warranty to 2 years.

At the time, however, the company stated that Preferred Care customers would not receive an extension to their warranty contract. Preferred Care customers were understandably miffed that regular customers would receive these added benefits but their premium warranty contract did not receive any extra benefits. Given that customers have to pay $129 to buy Preferred Care and also a $79 deductible to process a claim, it seemed odd that nothing would be done for these users.

Google Pixel 2 Preferred Care

Email sent out to customers

Thankfully, Google has reversed course and is now offering 2 years of warranty under the Preferred Care plan, and they’re even waiving the deductible on top of it! This might sweeten the deal for existing users and entice even more people into purchasing the plan. Personally, I baby every device I own but for those of you who are more prone to accidentally damage your device (or just want to be extra cautious), then you’ll have another year of Preferred Care coverage to enjoy.

Thanks XDA Member Nathan for the tip!