Slayaway Camp devs to release Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle in Q1 2018

Slayaway Camp delivered a sumptuous mix of horror and humor when it was released on Android in June, leaving some gamers hungry for more. To coincide with Halloween, Blue Wizard Digital, the game’s developer, has now announced a follow up: Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle.

Based on the details in the press release, this will be almost a direct sequel to Slayaway Camp, featuring similar mechanics and settings; the only discernible difference right now seems to be that you will play exclusively as Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees. 

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Players will once again slide the murderer around an isometric map, attempting to kill people with a range of weapons (or have them kill themselves while trying to escape). It will also feature the gruesome Kill Scenes in between levels which, even with the blocky characters of Slayaway Camp, were still pretty grim.

“I loved the balance of horror and humor the Blue Wizard guys brought to Slayaway Camp,” said the creator of Friday the 13th. Sean S. Cunningham (75), “and I’m thrilled to see their take on Friday the 13th.”

Unlike Slayaway Camp, however, Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle will be free to play — something that might worry fans of the original game. “We’re sensitive to the concerns a lot of players have with free to play titles,” said Blue Wizard Digital founder Jason Kapalka. “We’re definitely trying to avoid the more obnoxious money-grabs. They’ve promised to send Jason after us if it sucks.”

You can sign up for updates on the upcoming title at the link and if you want to check out Slayaway Camp, you can do so at the button below: it’s currently on sale. 

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