HTC to launch a dual camera smartphone in 2018

By | 3rd November 2017
HTC One M8 hands-on

Dual camera setups are big in the mobile world right now, and it looks like another smartphone maker is going to be getting in on the action soon.

HTC plans to release a dual camera smartphone in 2018. HTC President Chialin Chang confirmed those plans to Engadget today, saying that HTC will "definitely" release a dual camera phone next year but that HTC must "figure out how to make this feature stand out."

No other details of this dual camera smartphone were shared by Chang, but he did say that HTC plans to release five or six smartphones in total in 2018. HTC also plans to target the affordable 2,000-yuan ($300 USD) smartphone market.

HTC actually has some experience making dual camera smartphones. Two notable examples include the HTC One M8 (shown above) and its Duo Camera setup, which you could use to add bokeh to your photos, and the HTC EVO 3D with its ability to capture 3D video.

It remains to be seen what HTC will do for its next dual camera smartphone, but one possibility that we've seen is for a phone to have one standard camera and one camera with a 2x optical zoom. Does this news of an upcoming HTC phone with dual rear cameras interest you?