Broadcom may buy Qualcomm for $100 billion

By | 4th November 2017
Qualcomm logo CES 2015

There's been a lot of focus on the rumored T-Mobile-Sprint merger lately, but that may not be the only major deal in the works right now.

Broadcom is considering a purchase of Qualcomm, according to a report from Bloomberg. Broadcom would reportedly offer more than $100 billion for Qualcomm, which would value the company's shares at around $70 apiece.

A final decision on whether or not Broadcom will go forward with its offer for Qualcomm hasn't been made, but it's expected that an offer could be made in the coming days.

Qualcomm has been involved in a legal battle with Apple lately over patents and licensing terms, and the fight has slightly weakened Qualcomm. Broadcom could see this as a good opportunity to take advantage of that weakened Qualcomm and buy the company. It's also worth noting that Broadcom supplies Apple with parts for the iPhone, so the company could decide to snatch up Qualcomm and then work out a deal with Apple to end the legal battle that Qualcomm is currently involved in.