Best Accessories for the Amazon Fire HD 10

By | 6th November 2017

You've got a sweet little tablet that didn't break the bank. That leaves some money left over for accessories!

The Amazon Fire HD 10 is a remarkably good tablet for the price. Starting at $149, you get a 10-inch device that does everything Amazon has to offer — that's movies, TV, books, games, the web — and it does it very well.

But getting the tablet itself is just the start. You're going to want to snag a few accessories for the Fire HD 10.

Here's where I'd start.

Buy a Fire HD 10 case

Look, the Fire HD 10 isn't all that expensive. But you still want to protect your investment. I'd pick up (and I did pick up) a case for this thing. Amazon's first-party offering is a sort of fabric-covered plastic shell. It fits nicely and isn't horrible to take off if you so desire.

It's also not exactly inexpensive, at $39. But it does come in a few colors, so it's got that going for it. Which is nice.

If you're even thinking about letting a kid handle one of these tablets, you need to get a case for it. Full stop.

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Get a microSD card

The Amazon Fire HD tablets don't have all that much storage in them out of the box. The Fire HD 10 starts at 32GB, or you can pay more for 64GB of internal storage.

Or, you can just slap in a microSD card — all the way up to 256GB. That's a ridiculous amount of storage in a very inexpensive tablet.

Why go this route? Sure, apps take up space. But content can take up even more. If you're going to be downloading a lot of movies and other videos for offline watching (that's the sort of thing you do if you have kids, right?) then you're going to want some extra storage.

Really, it's about the best investment you can make with one of these tablets.

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Seriously, though, just get this

My recommendation? Pick up the Fire HD 10 Essentials bundle. You get the base-model Fire HD 10, the $39 cover, and a $15 screen protector for $190, saving yourself $15 in the process. (And you can use that extra money to pick up a 32GB microSD card, doubling the storage in the process.)

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