Samsung to Bring the Galaxy S8 Active to Sprint and T-Mobile Later This Month

By | 7th November 2017

The Active variant of Samsung’s Galaxy S series has historically been reserved for AT&T’s network. Granted, the Galaxy S5 Active was rebranded to something else for Sprint back in 2014, but for the most part, these Active devices have been exclusive to AT&T’s network. Exclusivity is hardly ever good for the consumer, so it’s great to hear that Samsung has officially announced the Galaxy S8 Active is coming to both Sprint and T-Mobile later this month.

Samsung’s two main flagships are both released in two different halves of the year, but the Active variant of the Galaxy S series typically gets a quiet release during that third or fourth quarter as well. We heard a number of rumors about the Galaxy S8 Active leading up to its release but it was actually AT&T’s website that gave us our first official confirmation that it would be coming. This was obviously something that was published too soon because it wasn’t a week later that Samsung and AT&T publicly announced pre-orders for the device.

A month and a half later, we started seeing our first rumors about the Galaxy S8 Active being released on a network that wasn’t AT&T. It was VentureBeat who first reported that the device would be launched on T-Mobile’s network sometime in the future. They were unable to give exact details about its launch but merely had sources who shared that information with them. Today, we not only have confirmation that it will be available for T-Mobile customers, but that it will also be available on the Sprint network as well.

If you are a Sprint or T-Mobile customer and are interested to get your hands on the Galaxy S8 Active, then you only need to wait for a few more days. Both T-Mobile and Sprint will begin selling the Galaxy S8 Active to customers from November 17th. Sprint has yet to reveal pricing details but T-Mobile says they will be selling the device for $820, or $100 down and $30 per month for 24 months.

Source: Samsung Newsroom