This $6 Belkin cleaning kit can keep your laptop’s screen looking like new

Come on, when's the last time you even bothered to clean the screen you're reading this on?

The Belkin Screen Cleaning Kit is down to $5.90 on Amazon. This kit has sold around $9 for the last few weeks. For most of the summer it was selling around $7. Either way, this is the lowest price we've seen since May.

You can use this solution to clean your TV, smartphone, and tablets, too. Grab a 24-pack of microfiber cloths to use on multiple devices.

Features include:

  • Extra-large, scratch-free microfiber cloth
  • High-quality total cleaning solution for notebooks
  • Specially developed to safely clean notebook screens
  • Alcohol- & residue-free cleaning solution
  • Wipes displays completely clean

The kit has 4.5 stars based on 915 user reviews.

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