Samsung revamps its keyboard for Android 8.0 Oreo

By | 8th November 2017

One of the many changes and improvements coming in Samsung’s Android 8.0 Oreo update is a revamped virtual keyboard. The South Korean company has enhanced the accuracy of predictive text, added a whole bunch of new emoji characters, introduced support for GIFs, and more.

Almost every smartphone manufacturer has its own take on the virtual keyboard, and in most cases, users just ignore it and download their preferred choice from the Play Store. Samsung’s is a lot better than most, but for a while now, it has been lacking some big features.

That’s going to change when the company starts rolling out its Oreo updates. The first beta reveals a revamped virtual keyboard with big improvements and a number of new features. In addition to those mentioned above, users can look forward to a full-featured clipboard and four high-contrast themes.

It seems the most exciting changes for most users will be the addition of new emoji to catch up with the likes of Apple and Google, and support for GIFs. Most third-party keyboards, even Google’s own, now give users the ability to quickly find and send GIFs, so it’s nice to see Samsung following suit.

Samsung will start making its Oreo updates available to all in early 2018, according to a recent announcement from Samsung Turkey. However, users can now get their hands on a beta release, which isn’t recommended for daily drivers.