Twitter’s expanded 280-character tweets are now available for everyone

By | 8th November 2017

Brace yourselves. If you’re a big fan of Twitter as-is (follow me: @Gamercore), your timeline is going to start looking a lot different. After testing longer, 280 character tweets — twice the size of previous 140 characters — Twitter is now officially rolling out this feature to everyone.

Replacing the 140 character countdown when composing a new tweet is a new circular status bar. The more characters you use, the more the bar fills up but not everyone is a fan. Some believe that this encourages users to use up the full amount, almost like an achievement if their tweets hit 280 characters. This could potentially clog up the quick nature of browsing timelines, with huge chunks of text signaling the beginning of the Apocalypse for avid Twitter users.

My opinion? Just got with it. Twitter says previously only 9% of tweets ever hit 140 characters, while only 1% of the early 280-count testers ever hit the new limit. Of course, you can expect to see plenty of 280 count tweets as users stretch their wings and enjoy their newfound freedom but things will likely return back to normal after the initial excitement runs its course.

If you were previously turned off by Twitter’s hard 140 character count rule, now might be the time for you to see what the social network is all about. Download link provided below.

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