Google’s Files Go Beta app for Android offers file management and offline sharing

By | 9th November 2017
Google Files Go Beta Android app features

Google's got a new Android app on the Play Store, and you can try it out in beta right now.

Files Go Beta is a file management app by Google. It shows how much internal storage you've got and how much you've used, and it utilizes a card interface to show ways that you can free up some of your storage. Some suggestions it can offer are to clear your app cache, delete duplicate images, or uninstall unused apps.

The Files Go Beta app also offers its own version of Apple's AirDrop feature. This lets you share files with nearby friends without needing an internet connection.

Google says that this is an early dev build, so you may encounter some bugs while using it. If you'd like to try Files Go Beta yourself, you can find it in the Play Store here.

Files Go Beta looks like a nifty little file management app, making it easy to find and share files as well as clear up some storage space in a hurry. It's also a small app, weighing in at less than 6MB, meaning that you can keep on your phone without it weighing you down.