Android 8.1 will decrease the size of inactive apps to save space

By | 13th November 2017

The next big update we should see will be Android 8.1 and we’re already hearing about some planned features. One of those features will save space by “downgrading” inactive apps. This feature will be automatically triggered when your phone is low on storage space.

It works by clearing the cache of apps that have been inactive for a while. Cache data includes stuff that’s not essential, but it can add up over time. The cache is what helps apps load quickly when launched since they don’t have to reload the data. So clearing it from an app you don’t use often shouldn’t cause much trouble.

OEMs will have to enable this feature in their own builds of Android 8.1. Hopefully, they will, because this could save a lot of storage space. What do you think of this Android 8.1 feature?