Google Maps getting an updated look to help you identify points of interest

By | 15th November 2017
Google Maps updated user interface

Google Maps is getting updated to make it easier for you to understand what's on the map.

Google today announced a new look for Google Maps with a couple of notable changes. First is that Google is updating the driving, navigation, transit, and explore maps to better highlight the info that's most important for each type of map. For example, gas stations for navigation and train stations for transit.

Also being updated are the color scheme and icons so that you can more easily identify the points of interest. Food & Drink places will be orange, Shopping spots will be blue, Outdoor areas will be green, and so on. You can see a cheat sheet of categories and their colors below.

These changes will roll out to all Google products that incorporate Maps over the coming weeks. That includes Assistant, Search, Earth, and Android Auto. Google says that the new style will eventually appear in apps and websites from companies that use the Google Maps API, too.

Google Maps new points of interest colors