Twitter testing tweetstorm feature in Android and iOS apps

By | 17th November 2017
Twitter app for Android

Tweetstorms are a regular occurrence on Twitter, helping users express thoughts that can't be contained in just 280 characters. Tweetstorms can be kind of difficult to create for some, though, especially more inexperienced Twitter users. Twitter may soon change that.

Twitter has confirmed to TechCrunch that it's now testing a tweetstorm feature that'll make it easy for users to create multi-tweet threads. The feature was first discovered by Android Police in the alpha version of the Twitter for Android app, and you can see an example of it below.

Twitter tweetstorm test Android app

The above left screenshot shows Twitter for Android without the tweetstorm feature, and the above right shows the app with tweetstorm functionality. There's a "+" button on the right side of the app's toolbar, next to the circle that represents how many characters you've entered.

This tweetstorm feature lets you write out several tweets before posting them. You can go back and edit any of the tweets in your thread before posting the whole thing. When you're ready to post, you tap a "Tweet All" button and the app will post each of your tweets in the correct order.

Twitter says that it's currently testing this tweetstorm feature in the alpha and beta versions of the Twitter apps for Android and iOS. However, the company didn't say when the feature might become available to everyone.

Some people don't care for tweetstorms, saying that users should just write a blog or something else instead. Tweetstorms aren't likely going anywhere, though, with other Twitter users liking to post tweetstorms because people can read them right inside the Twitter app rather than having to go to some website. And since tweetstorms are going to continue appearing on Twitter, it makes sense for the company to make it easier for users to compose them.