Amazon Echo gets limited edition PRODUCT(RED) model

By | 20th November 2017
Amazon Echo PRODUCT(RED) official

The new Amazon Echo officially launched a few weeks ago, and since then it's been offered in a number of colors and finishes. Today Amazon added one more color option, and this one's a limited edition.

There's now a PRODUCT(RED) version of Amazon's second generation Echo. This model is the same price as the other second gen Echo models, but every purchase of this version will see $10 sent to the Global Fund to help fight AIDS.

Orders of this Amazon Echo will begin shipping on December 6th.

The hardware of this PRODUCT(RED) Echo is the same as the other models. The only difference is the color, which is a bright red fabric.

While the PRODUCT(RED) Echo may not be quite as neutral a color as the other Echo models, I think it still looks pretty sharp. Plus, you can help fight AIDS buy choosing this red version, which helps to make it even more appealing.