Galaxy S8 more popular with adults in new survey, iPhone with teens

It’s always interesting to see how public opinion skews towards popular products, especially with electronics. A market research firm called Propeller Insights has conducted a survey of both adults and teens to see which device they’d prefer to receive for Christmas this year, a Samsung Galaxy S8 versus an iPhone 8 or an iPhone X.

The survey determined that 38% of adults said they’d rather receive the Samsung Galaxy S8, while 20% said they want the iPhone X and 22% chose the iPhone 8. Combined that puts Apple ahead of Samsung for the holidays, but just barely. It’s interesting to see the vote for the phones split down the middle, I suppose the loss of Touch ID and the $1K+ asking price for the iPhone X is affecting its desirability.

Meanwhile, teenagers in America skewed more heavily towards the set of iPhones released this year with 35% of them responding they would prefer to receive an iPhone, while 28% said they’d be happy with a Galaxy S8 as a Christmas gift. The survey surmises that teens don’t care as much about the loss of Touch ID and the high price, rather they want what’s trendy at the moment.

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