Sensory is Bringing TrulySecure Facial Recognition to More Places

By | 20th November 2017

With each passing year, we become increasingly reliant on our smartphones for important tasks. Many of those tasks are of a sensitive nature, which is one reason we’re seeing an influx of biometric technologies on mobile devices in the form of fingerprint scanners, iris scanners, and facial recognition sensors. One company leading the charge is Sensory, which announced on Monday that it’s partnering with Fujitsu to bring its FIDO Certified facial recognition technology to banks, financial institutions, enterprises, and other businesses.

Given the controversial nature of facial recognition, that comes as a bit of a surprise. Mobile facial detection tech like OnePlus’s face-scanning OnePlus 5T can’t be used to authenticate payments or stand in for passwords. Even Apple’s Face ID, which requires special hardware, can be fooled in some circumstances.

Sensory’s TrulySecure face biometric authentication technology is on a different level. It works with any front-facing RGB camera, surely recognizes faces in less than a second, and differentiates between people with 99.999 percent accuracy. Thanks to machine learning, it’s able to recognize users even if they’re wearing glasses or headgear, and liveness detection algorithms prevent folks from fooling it with photos or videos. Best of all, it runs completely on device — TrulySecure doesn’t need an internet connection to authenticate a face.

TulySecure already been implemented in a number of smartphones with the LG V30, LG G6, and the LG Q6, and the Sensory’s partnership with Fujitsu will bring it to banks, enterprise, and retail outlets around the world. Already, Mizuho Bank has integrated Sensory’s biometric authentication technology into its mobile application; in a coming update, customers will be able to use facial authentication to access their account.

Once TrulySecure comes to more devices and brick-and-mortar businesses, scanning your face could become as common as entering a PIN code. “The pursuits of providing an excellent user experience and boosting user security have long been the leading drivers for innovation in the mobile space,” Todd Mozer, CEO of Sensory, said in a press release. “Sensory believes in layering biometrics like face and voice to create a highly secure, but hassle-free experience.”