YouTube returns to Amazon Echo Show

By | 21st November 2017

Two months after Google pulled YouTube from the Amazon Echo Show, the video streaming site has made a return.

YouTube is back on the Amazon Echo Show. Things are a little different this time, though, as the YouTube app for the Echo Show now appears to just be the web version of YouTube squeezed onto the Echo Show's 7-inch display.

Also of note is that while the previous YouTube app for Echo Show offered easy voice navigation, this new version relies more on touch. For example, you'll need to touch the screen to select a video. You can use your voice to stop and resume a clip after you've selected it, though.

Below you can see the old YouTube for Echo Show on the left and the new version on the right.

YouTube Amazon Echo Show comparison

Amazon confirmed that YouTube is back on the Echo Show and said that more video sources are coming soon. Here's Amazon's statement to

"We’re excited to offer customers the capability to watch even more video content from sources such as Vimeo, YouTube, and Dailymotion on Echo Show. More video sources will be added over time."

This new YouTube experience on the Echo Show doesn't seem as good as the previous version, but at least YouTube is back on the device. YouTube is the biggest video streaming site around, and being able to watch video on the Echo Show's 7-inch screen is one of the standout features of that device.

Have you tried this new version of YouTube on the Echo Show?