Pre-order the Maze Alpha X – 6″ Fullscreen Phone with 6GB of RAM

The Maze Alpha X is on pre-order just in time for the Holidays. This fullscreen phone has a massive 6″ display and powerful specs. At a price of $209.99 this is a crazy good deal. The screen-to-body ratio is 89.6% making this phone almost all screen!

With a super sleek, integrated unibody design crafted from metal frames, Alpha X is as elegant as durable.


It’s not common that you’ll find a budget phone with 6GB of RAM at a price this low. Pre-order the Maze Alpha X now so you can get it in time for Christmas!

Maze Alpha X Specs
Display 6″ 1080×2160
Battery 3900mAh
Camera Rear: 13MP Front: 8MP
Ram/Rom 6/64GB
CPU MediaTek Helio P25

Learn More About the Maze Alpha X Here Get the Maze Alpha X Here

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