Honor X-series Never Let You Down

By | 28th November 2017

For the past couple of years Honor has been a company that is growing constantly better with each release of their Honor phones. They have two primary lines- their flagships and their budget line, with occasional off-shoots like pro models. XDA’s continued partnership with Honor have allowed us to experience their phones, review them, and watch the development community grow around them.

The Honor 8, 6x, and 8 Pro

Honor 8

We started reviewing Honor phones with the Honor 8 in 2016. This phone was a step in a new direction for Honor. Being one of the first phones to adopt the dual lens setup, the Honor 8’s biggest selling point was its camera. Priced at a competitive $399, the phone was giving other flagships a run for their money. Powerful specs, an amazing display, and rock solid software with almost no bugs made the Honor 8 one of the most popular phones for the company so far.

The Honor 8 had a little brother known as the Honor 5x, which was their only phone to come with a Snapdragon chipset. This made the 5x one of the most development-friendly phones and had the community creating tons of ROMs, kernels, and mods for this device.

Shortly after, the Honor 6x was launched as part of their budget line. At $200, this phone came with a 1080p display, dual cameras, 3/4GB of RAM and the same great software experience from the Honor 8. Honor now had a solid presence in the flagship and budget market.

Honor soon capitalized on the popularity of the Honor 8, with the Honor 8 Pro. This high-end phone featured a 1440p display and the ability to shoot in 4K. They also put 6GB of RAM in it and redesigned the body from scratch.

The Honor 8, Honor 9, and Honor 7x

The Honor 9 and 7x

The next wave of phones is where Honor starts really making waves. The Honor 9 came out with the Kirin 960 and 6GB of RAM, making it one of the fastest phones at the time. One of the best upgrades in this new phone was the amazing new camera which took very impressive photos. With a similar design to the Honor 8, the body of the phone is designed to catch light in a way that made the phone glow from reflections. Being one of the best performing and the best looking phones at the time, the Honor 9 was an all-around great phone.

Honor’s newest phone at the time of writing this article is the Honor 7x. Adopting the body design of the Honor 8 Pro and implementing a new 18:9 HD+ display, makes the 7x is probably the best budget phone on the market.


Honor 7x


Honor has consistently delivered great phones at some of the most unbeatable prices. Their team works hard to bring the latest software updates to their phones, even having Oreo Builds out in beta for the Honor 8 Pro and the Honor 9. The Honor 8 was even one of the first phones to get the Android Nougat update, very early on.

Honor is definitely a company to keep your eye on. If you’ve never used an Honor phone before, you should consider one as your next device. They won’t let you down.

Honor 9


Honor 6x


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