Huawei claims they can make a better Face Unlock than Apple

By | 28th November 2017

The mobile landscape is full of competition in every area. When one company unveils something new, it’s a mad dash to try and make a better version. Apple seemingly made a better version of face unlock with Face ID and now everyone is trying to match it. Huawei claims that they have built better technology.

The main component in Apple’s Face ID is the TrueDepth face detection camera system. It’s not just a front-facing camera looking for your face. Huawei teased a depth-sensing camera system of their own at the end of the Honor V10 announcement. It can capture 300,000 points in 10 seconds, which is 10 times as many as the iPhone X.

Huawei’s system is secure enough to be used for mobile payments, unlike the face unlock on most Android phones. They even showed off an Animoji clone that could tell if your tongue was sticking out. The technology for this type of security should only get better.

[via Engadget]