Motorola takes a shot at Samsung’s anti-iPhone X ad

By | 28th November 2017

A couple of weeks ago, Samsung released a new ad to show off how the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a more “grown up” phone than the iPhone X. The ad follows a guy as he buys the new iPhone every year, but each year he finds more problems. After noticing his friends’ Galaxy phones, he finally makes the switch to the Note 8. It’s a great ad, but Motorola thinks they can do better.

Motorola’s ad features a guy that looks very similar to the guy in the Samsung ad. He’s watching a video on his Samsung phone when his girlfriend arrives with the Moto Z2 Play and the projector Moto Mod. Instead of watching the video on his phone, she pops out the projector and plays it on the wall. He looks on in amazement and the tagline reads “Up-upgrade to Motorola.”

The video was posted on Motorola’s Facebook page with the comment “We loved your ad Samsung Mobile USA, but we think you forgot the ending… .” Do you think Motorola’s ad is better than Samsung’s?