Microsoft Edge for mobile ditches beta status, now available on Android and iOS

By | 30th November 2017
Microsoft Edge for iPhone, Android

After launching in beta on Android and iOS last month, Microsoft Edge is ditching its "preview" status today.

Microsoft Edge is now exiting beta and is available to the public. You can download it on Android and iOS right now.

Microsoft says that it's added a couple of new features to Edge as a result of the beta test. With Roaming Passwords, passwords that you save on your phone will follow you to your PC, making it easy to keep your login info in order even if you make it on your phone. Also added is a dark theme.

The mobile version of Microsoft Edge also offers features like Favorites, Reading List, Reading View, and the New Tab Page found in the desktop version of the app.

It's always good to have options when it comes to your mobile browser, which is why it's nice to see Microsoft bringing Edge to Android and iOS. Now PC users that choose Edge on their desktop can get a familiar experience while browsing on their phone.