Google shutting down Tango augmented reality platform

By | 16th December 2017
Google Tango logo

Project Tango began life in early 2014 as a Google ATAP experiment aimed at helping developers to use augmented reality and create experiences like 3D scanning, indoor navigation, and immersive gaming. The effort had its ups and downs, and now it's coming to a close.

Google today said that it's ending support for Tango on March 1, 2018. The reason for the decision is ARCore, Google's latest augmented reality effort. Google recently used ARCore to offer augmented reality stickers to Pixel and Pixel 2 owners.

Following the debut of Project Tango, Google offered Tango tablets and teamed with Lenovo and ASUS to launch Tango-enabled smartphones. The platform never really seemed to catch on, though, so it makes sense that Google is deprecating it and focusing instead on ARCore.

Have you tried Google's AR stickers that are a product of ARCore?