CoolADB is an ADB Client for C# .net projects

By | 13th February 2018

Usually it is much easier to implement features into programs with a GUI instead of a standard shell with a menu. This is where CoolADB comes into play as it is made for the C# programming language. This project from XDA Ricky Divjakovski, Inactive Recognized Developer and Recognized Contributor, has resulted in an ADB client for C# .net projects to manage adb commands. We’re told the library is pretty complete, so you should be able to do almost everything you can do in a shell window with adb.

You can find the CoolADB source code for the project here and then the library can be downloaded from here. Ricky says he’s only been able to find one bug so far which prevents him from killing the logcat thread after starting. The workaround is to kill the adb server, but he’s welcome to ideas for how to fix this bug properly.

Developers: Grab CoolADB from Android Software and Hacking Forum