Sony teases its next phone ahead of MWC debut

By | 19th February 2018

Back in September of last year, Sony’s Managing Director in India was teasing a big change for the company in terms of smartphone design, saying that the company’s newest flagship would arrive “soon”, but keeping most of the details a mystery.

Now, with this year’s Mobile World Congress taking place next week, the official Sony Xperia Twitter account is teasing . . . something. The safe bet is a new smartphone, but the cryptic video doesn’t go into any real details. We get to see a hand rising up, some ripples, and that’s it.

In the tweet, Sony says to “Join us” on February 26, when the company will be announcing the new product. Last year, we heard that Sony was going to offer a “complete new design” for its flagship smartphone, so it will be interesting to see what the company has been working on.

Are you eager to see a new smartphone design from Sony?