Sony Xperia Ear Duo is a pair of wireless earbuds with Google Assistant and Siri built-in

By | 26th February 2018
Sony Xperia Ear Duo official

Alongside its new flagship Xperia XZ2, Sony today introduced an interesting new accessory.

The Xperia Ear Duo is a pair of truly wireless earbuds that come with Google Assistant and Apple's Siri built-in. That's not the only smart feature that the Xperia Ear Duo has, though, because it also includes a Daily Assitant feature that'll recognize time, location, and activities to offer you useful info throughout the day, like upcoming meetings and news headlines.

Sony has also included sensors in the Xperia Ear Duo that let the headphones respond to head gestures. For example, you can decline incoming calls by shaking your head.

Sony Xperia Ear Duo carrying case

Another feature of the Xperia Ear Duo is what Sony calls Dual Listening. With it, you can hear your music as well as all of the sounds happening in the world around you, letting you hear your environment or a conversation with your headphones in.

The Xperia Ear Duo is made of stainless steel and soft rubber and is IPX2 splash-proof. Its battery should last for four hours on a single charge, and its carrying case can supply an additional three charges.

Sony's Xperia Ear Duo should be available for pre-order from Amazon soon for $279.99. It's expected to launch in May.