Google Clips officially launches for $249

By | 27th February 2018

You'd be forgiven for forgetting about Google Clips, the small standalone camera that was introduced back in October 2018 but has been missing from the spotlight ever since. The device is back in the news today, though, because it's officially up for sale.

Google Clips is launching today for $249. The device is available from the Google Store and Verizon, and it looks like it'll be available from Best Buy and B&H soon, too.

Google Clips is a small camera that can clip onto something or be set down on a surface. It'll then attempt to capture photos of special moments without you needing to do anything. The device can learn familiar faces, including cats and dogs, so it'll get smarter the more you use it. In addition to capturing photos, Clips can record "motion photos", which are short video clips that last several seconds but lack audio.

To view your images, you just need to connect Google Clips to your phone. There's no internet connection required to view the photos captured by Clips.

Also included in Google Clips' feature set is lens occlusion detection, which will alert you if the camera's lens is blocked. The device includes three hours of battery life and 16GB of built-in storage, too.

Google Clips looks like an interesting device that could come in handy for people like parents who want to capture photos of their children, but also want to be involved in playing with their children rather than stuck behind a camera. The device isn't cheap, but if you're a person who wants to save every moment without actually missing out on any fun, then it might be worth a look.