Pixel 2 Experience is a Magisk Module that adds Pixel Features to any Rooted Smartphone

By | 1st March 2018

There have been many ports released of various software features that Google has included in the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL. This includes the exclusive wallpapers, the multiple ports and mods of the Pixel launcher, Google Lens, and many others. So for anyone wanting the full Pixel experience, XDA Senior Member joeyhuab has combined a number of these features into a single Magisk Module. The module is called the Pixel 2 Experience and it works on Android 8.0+ devices with Magisk 15.0+ installed. It comes with the following features:

  • Modded Pixel 2 Launcher by @paphonb
  • Google Wallpapers app
  • Pixel Launcher Icons (from the regular GApps packages)
  • Pixel system accent theme (in system/vendor/overlay/Pixel)
  • Google Lens feature enabled in Google Photos app
  • Adds Pixel-exclusive wallpapers via Google Wallpapers app (download Google Wallpaper Images to add more wallpapers)
  • Google Sans font family used in Google Assistant, Pixel Launcher, System Update window, SetupWizard text, number texts in Settings app in 8.1+ (Storage usage, Data usage, Battery percentage)
  • Audio files (ringtones, notifications, UI, alarms)
  • Enable Google Assistant via build.prop
  • Camera2 API Support – to check if working, install the Camera2 Probe app via the Play Store

Download the Pixel 2 Experience Magisk Module