Samsung Galaxy S9+ is the highest scoring smartphone camera in DxOMark rankings

By | 1st March 2018
Samsung Galaxy S9+ Coral Blue

Looks like the Galaxy S9 display isn't the only feature of Samsung's new flagship that's the best on the market.

The Galaxy S9+ camera has received a score of 99 points from camera testing firm DxOMark. That's the highest score that a smartphone has gotten, beating out the Google Pixel 2 by one point and Apple's iPhone X by two points.

DxOMark says that the Galaxy S9+'s camera "hasn't got any obvious weaknesses", scoring the highest in photo test categories and among the best in the video testing categories. The group says the the S9+ offers good target exposure in all lighting conditions, all the way down to very low light, and that dynamic range is also good. It has one of the best smartphone zooms, too, and a "capable" bokeh mode.

Despite earning scoring better than any smartphone in DxOMark's testing, the Galaxy S9+'s camera isn't perfect. The firm criticizes the S9+'s artifacts, saying that "bright light images show purple fringing on high-contrast edges and pretty noticeable ringing halos". DxOMark also says that the S9+ has minor exposure variances when taking a series of photos of the same scene, which puts it slightly below the Pixel 2 with regard to exposure and contrast.

Samsung's flagship smartphones have had excellent camera performance in recent years, so it's no surprise to hear that the Galaxy S9+ also has a great camera. Of course, camera performance is subjective, and so some people might prefer photos taken by a Pixel 2 or iPhone X, even if they scored (slightly) lower than the Galaxy S9+ in DxOMark's testing. If you're interested in buying the Galaxy S9+, though, it looks like you can rest easy knowing that you'll be getting a pretty good camera.

You can hit the link below to compare photos taken by the Galaxy S9+, Pixel 2, and iPhone X.