Snap may release new version of Spectacles this year

By | 2nd March 2018

Snap Spectacles were an interesting concept, putting a basic camera into sunglasses and allowing you to quickly capture and upload events around you to Snapchat. They didn’t sell as well as the company wanted, but they were a cool concept nonetheless.

Now it’s rumored that Snap will be releasing a new version of the Spectacles. They should be similar to the originals, with improvements to performance as well as new colors and water resistance. They are allegedly already in production and may launch this year.

There’s also a second new model allegedly coming, and it will take advantage of dual cameras for depth data and artificial bokeh. The addition of GPS is also possible. Unfortunately a potential price is $300, making them more than double the cost of the originals.

The dual camera model is due to launch in 2019, but with delays already happening, even the basic versions may not make it by 2018. Nonetheless we hope that Snap can get these wearables profitable this time around.