Snap reportedly working on new Spectacles

By | 2nd March 2018
Snap Spectacles for Snapchat video review

Back in late 2016, Snapchat Spectacles came on the scene to let you record short sequences that you could upload to Snapchat while keeping your hands free. The glasses were hugely popular to start but failed to keep that momentum. According to a new report, that hasn't deterred Snap Inc. from prepping a follow-up to Spectacles.

Snap Inc. is working on two new versions of its Spectacles, says Cheddar. One pair is slated to launch this fall with several improvements, including water resistance, performance improvements, and bug fixes. New color options are also said to be planned.

Meanwhile, the third version is expected to launch in 2019 with a new design and dual cameras that will enable you to add 3D-like depth effects to your videos. A built-in GPS and leather case has also been considered for these upgraded Spectacles, which would reportedly drive the price up to $300. To compare, the original Spectacles cost $130.

The original Spectacles sold around 150,000 units, and Snap has announced that it lost $40 million on the device as hundreds of thousands of units went unsold. That's why it's interesting to hear that Snap is planning not one, but two new versions of Spectacles. While there are likely some hardcore Snapchat users that would like new Spectacles, it's difficult to imagine that adding water resistance and some performance improvements would make Spectacles a commercial success. 

Did you ever use Snap Inc.'s original Spectacles? Would you be interested in an upgraded model?