Technology in the Auto Industry

By | 2nd March 2018

Technology and the automotive industry are closely intertwined, and this technology has become hugely important for motorists when shopping for vehicles. Car tech has come on leaps and bounds in recent times and there are now all kinds of incredible technologies that can enhance the driving experience by improving performance, safety and comfort. Jaguar & In-Car Tech Practically all automobiles now come with a range of apps that can greatly improve the vehicle. One brand that has pioneered this is Jaguar – the British manufacturer is well-known for using the latest technology to make their stylish cars even more appealing. Their latest SUV, the highly-rated E-Pace, is packed with impressive tech which helps to make this car a class-leading automobile. Features The E-Pace features an excellent touchscreen central display that can be used to run various features, but it can also be used to watch TV or films and can be linked to the optional screens for rear passengers. The E-Pace also features a clever head-up display which makes it...

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