Apple releases iOS 11.3 beta 4 update to developers

By | 5th March 2018
iPhone X front window

It's been a couple of weeks since iOS 11.3 beta testers had any new updates to play with, but that's changing today.

Apple has released iOS 11.3 beta 4 to registered developers. As with previous beta updates, devs can grab iOS 11.3 beta 4 by going into Settings > General > Software Update on their enrolled iOS device. The update can also be downloaded by going to Apple's Developer Center on the web.

Apple has already announced the new features that the iOS 11.3 update will bring. This includes four new Animoji — a lion, a bear, a dragon, and a skull — ARKit 1.5 for better augmented reality apps, and a new Health Records feature that will gather your health data from your various medical records and put them in one place for you.

iOS 11.3 new Animoji dragon, bear, skull, lion

iOS 11.3 will also bring improvements in how Apple handles older iPhone batteries. Battery Health will tell you what your phone's battery's maximum capacity is at as well as its peak performance capability. It can tell you if your phone's performance is being slowed because of that old battery, and if it is, allow you to turn that performance throttling off.

iOS 11.3 will launch to the public this spring.