CypherOS teases “Ambient Weather” feature for the Ambient Display & Lock Screen

By | 5th March 2018

The folks over at CypherOS have been working hard on their custom ROM as of late with a focus on the ambient display setting. We reported earlier on the new Ambient Play feature, which is their take on “Now Playing” from the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Last week, Chris Crump also announced Ambient Weather. The aptly named feature puts the current weather on your ambient display and lock screen.

Ever since Google removed widgets from the lock screen, people have been searching for workarounds that will remedy this change. Some applications will let you use a notification to display information within a widget, but this isn’t the most optimal way of doing things. When thinking about how he would implement the Ambient Weather feature into CypherOS, Chris first thought about just cherry-picking the lock screen weather feature and calling it a day.

However, he felt this would be too easy and wanted to take it to the next level. Eventually, he settled on the idea of making use of the Ambient Indication framework. It does this simply without needing to have a companion application with dozens of customization features. As much as I like getting more customization options with Android, I think what Mr. Crump decided on is best since it also resides in the always-on display feature.

The new Ambient Weather feature of CypherOS uses Omni’s weather service (Omni Jaws) and pulls the weather information from a Yahoo Provider. This data is collected and displays a weather condition icon from the Outline icon pack. Ambient Weather works in conjunction with Ambient Play (their take on the Pixel 2’s Now Playing feature) so weather information will not be displayed when the song information is being shown (and vice versa).