Google app for iOS gaining iMessage extension, iPad drag and drop, and more

By | 5th March 2018
Google iOS iMessage app extension

Heads up, Apple users, because Google is rolling out a few new features to the Google app for iOS.

A new iMessage extension will enable you to easily share content with your friend. Simply bring up the Google app in iMessage and you can search for GIFs, restaurants, videos, and more. You can then share those cards and GIFs that you find with your iMessage friend.

Google is also making it easier for you to learn more on a particular topic. When you share a webpage with Google from a browser, including Safari, Google will show you recommendations for related content. For example, if you share a fish recipe with Google, you might see suggestions on good sauces for fish or how to prevent fish from sticking to your grill.

Finally, the Google app is gaining support for drag and drop on iPad. When you're reading content in the Google app, you can easily tap and hold to pick up the link and share it in iMessages or save it in Notes.

These features are rolling out with the latest version of the Google app for iOS. Google notes that its iMessage extension is only available in the U.S. right now, but that support for more lanaguages and locations will be added soon.