Google is selling Zagat to restaurant review site The Infatuation

By | 5th March 2018

Back in January, it was reported that Google was planning on selling the restaurant review company Zagat, aiming to offload the service it picked up several years ago.

At the time, the details were light and it wasn’t known which company Google was speaking with, though the initial report said that several entities were interested in the longstanding service. Now, thanks to a report from The New York Times, we know where Zagat is heading.

According to the report, Google is selling Zagat to restaurant review site The Infatuation. It isn’t known right now how much Zagat will sell for, but Google picked up the restaurant review service back in 2011 for $151 million. Since then, Zagat scores and reviews have been integrated into Google services and Google employees have been running Zagat’s official website.

However, competing service Yelp has taken over and Zagat’s usefulness for Google has lessened. As a result, Google is offloading the restaurant review service.

As for what happens with Zagat, this latest report indicates that The Infatuation will keep it around as a separate brand and that it will be used as a place where user-generated content and reviews can be published.

How often did you use Zagat over the years?