Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends for 2018

By | 5th March 2018

Businesses have always prioritized customer demands and greater sales – both of which would be impossible in modern times without a mobile application. No wonder more and more companies are accepting mobile applications as a necessity instead of an optional expense. According to Statista, app downloads are growing exponentially, with 197 billion apps downloaded last year. In fact, the projected number of app downloads by 2021 is 352.9 billion. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that mobile app development is one of the fastest growing trends of 2018. You will various kinds of apps, from gaming apps to dating apps, but lifestyle and social media apps definitely rule the industry. In nearly every sector, especially banking, hospitality, and retail, large companies are relying on apps to improve their marketing, branding, and customer engagement. On the other hand, SMEs are focusing on developing their own business applications. These two distinct approaches have resulted in several trends that will not only be prevalent in 2018 but also shape the future of...

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