Gboard for Android adds support for more than 20 new languages, including Chinese and Korean

By | 6th March 2018
Gboard for Android Chinese, Korean new language support

Gboard is Google's popular keyboard app for Android devices, and starting today more people will be able to use it.

Google is adding support for more than 20 new languages to Gboard for Android. These include Chinese (both traditional and simplified) as well as Korean. With this update, Gboard for Android will support more than 300 languages. The full list of supported languages can be found here.

Google also explains that while it's adding some of the most widely-spoken languages to Gboard, it's working to add lesser-known languages as well. The company explains that it worked with the inventors of Adlam, the written alphabet of the Fulani language, to bring support for it to Gboard. Fulani has been spoken in Africa for hundreds of years, but the Adlam written alphabet was only invented 26 years ago.

Gboard's expanded language support will be rolling out over the coming days.