Google Lens rolling out to all Android phones through Google Photos

By | 6th March 2018
Google Lens Pixel 2 XL

After first rolling out to Google's Pixel phones late last year, Google Lens is now making its way to more Android devices.

Google announced today that all Android users can try Google Lens using Google Photos. The feature is now rolling out as part of the latest version of the Google Photos app. Google says that Lens is "coming soon" to Apple's iOS devices.

With Google Lens, you can point your phone's camera at real world objects to learn more about them. For example, the app can tell you about the history of a landmark, get a review and synopsis for a book, or view a trailer and the reviews for a movie. You can also use Google Lens to scan a QR code and scan the text of a business card to add a new contact.

Google Lens is a pretty nifty feature, making it super easy to learn more about the world around you, and it's great to see Google treating it like Assistant and spreading it to all Android devices after some time as a Pixel exclusive. If you've got an Android device, keep an eye out for an update to the Google Photos app in the coming days.