Instagram may be working on its own portrait mode

By | 6th March 2018

One of the new must-have features in a smartphone camera is the ability to take a great portrait photo which, if you use social networks like Instagram, can be easily shared after capturing it with your preferred camera-taking app. Unless your preferred camera-taking app is Instagram. But that might be changing soon.

As was first reported recently by TechCrunch, there is a file that reads “portrait_shutter_icon.png” within the app APK for the official Instagram app for Android. The icon itself shows a basic version of the person’s head and would be visible within the shutter button within the Instagram app.


Instagram hasn’t commented on the leak revealing the upcoming feature and there aren’t any details known about the feature, either.

The fact that a portrait mode isn’t available on every device out there makes a feature like this worthwhile, even if the feature is proliferating like crazy across the smartphone industry.

Are you interested in a portrait mode feature baked into the Instagram app?