Instagram may soon launch its own portrait mode feature

By | 6th March 2018
Instagram Android app icon

Portrait mode photos have become a popular addition to smartphones, with many device makers making it easy for users to add a blurry background to their images. Now it looks like a major photo app may be getting the feature, too.

Instagram may soon add a portrait mode to its app. A file called "portrait_shutter_icon.png" was found inside the APK of the Instagram app for Android, and the icon appears to show a basic version of a person's head. This icon would appear in the shutter button of the camera in the Instagram app.

Instagram portrait mode Android APK file

The details of this feature are unclear, so it's unknown if it'll offer anything beyond a blurry background. It's also not known when this feature might launch to the public. Instagram declined to comment on this leak.

While a lot of phones offer a portrait mode built in to their camera app, it's not available on every device. Adding it to Instagram could make the app more appealing to those folks that don't have a built-in portrait mode, especially since there's not a similar feature found in Snapchat. Even for those who do have a built-in portrait mode on their phone, having a version of it in Instagram could eliminate a step if they plan on sharing their photo to Instagram anyway.

Does your phone have a portrait mode for photos? If so, how often do you use it?