Google Duo gains support for video voicemail messages

By | 7th March 2018

When someone calls you and you can't pick up, they have the option of leaving you a voicemail so that you can get their message when you become available again. There hasn't really been an equivalent for video calls, but Google is aiming to change that.

Google is adding support for video messages to Google Duo. If you call a person on Duo and they decline or miss your call, you can leave a video or voice message that's up to 30 seconds in length. You have the option of re-recording your video message if you're not happy with the first take. The recipient can then view the message in their Duo app when they're available.

Google Duo video message voicemail

If you receive a video message, you can view it by tapping on their icon in Duo. You can then tap the "Call now" button to call them back after viewing the message. These video messages automatically disappear one day after you view them, but you do have the option of saving them to your phone if you'd like.

These video messages are an interesting take on voicemail for video calls. With these video messages, you can leave even more fun messages for the person you're calling than with a plain voicemail because you can show them whatever you're looking at, make funny faces, and much more.

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