OnePlus 6 leaks hint at Snapdragon 845 processor, tall display with notch

By | 7th March 2018
OnePlus 6 benchmark leak

A new year means new Android flagships from many manufacturers, including OnePlus.

Some new details on the OnePlus 6 have leaked out. Screenshots of AnTuTu benchmark results from a device codenamed the "OnePlus A6000" have been shared by Android Central, and the CPU score put up by the device suggests that this phone is packing a Snapdragon 845 under its hood.

The screenhots also hint that the OnePlus 6 will have a notch at the top of its screen, much like the iPhone X, Essential Phone, and ASUS ZenFone 5. We can see that there's a blank space in the middle of the status bar area, with the time pushed to the left and a truncated row of icons moved to the right. The screen on the OnePlus 6 is said to have a 19:9 aspect ratio that'll have an 18:9 display's worth of usable space after the notch is taken into account.

A recent image leak that claims to show the OnePlus 6 backs up some of the details in this new report. Photos shared by ITHome show a device with OnePlus branding, a glass back, a dual rear camera setup with a fingerprint reader below it, and a tall display with a notch at the top.

OnePlus 6 photos leak

Nothing about the OnePlus 6 is official until OnePlus says it is, but many of the details in these recent leaks would make sense for a new OnePlus flagship. For example, the company typically likes to use Qualcomm's latest processors in its flagships, so a Snapdragon 845 for the OnePlus 6 would make sense. And considering the craze around the notch display that we've seen lately, I could see OnePlus giving it a try in its effort to slim bezels.

What do you want to see from the OnePlus 6?