Android P finally enables Autofill in Chrome and other browsers

By | 9th March 2018

Many of us within the Android community rejoiced when it was announced that Android 8.0 Oreo would bring the highly anticipated autofill API. This meant that password managers such as LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane, and others could be used to log into applications on Android. It works well for the most part but there are times when the autofill request isn’t detected. This implementation also prevents you from using these applications to log into websites. Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Samsung Browser, and Firefox use a custom render that improves performance but prevents the Autofill Engine from working properly. This will no longer be an issue with Android P and it won’t require you to use a special accessibility service either.

Some password managers were able to get around this limitation by using an Accessibility Service. This isn’t very user-friendly for those who are new or paranoid about unknown settings, but it did work. Google realizes this is not the most optimal method of getting password managers to work in browsers, so they’ve been working on a way to implement this into the next version of Android. Earlier this week, we saw the first developer preview of Android P released. A lot of developers have started tinkering with the new changes.

With Android P, the process of having to manually enable Accessibility Service is no longer required. Google is making it enabled by default. So not only does it cut out a step the end user has to enable (which some were worried about enabling in the first place), but it also drastically reduces the CPU usage on your device. The devs at Dashlane quickly started working on a prototype using Android P Developer Preview 1. Things are now working just like you would expect in Google’s Chrome browser.

We’re also told that it will most likely work with the other mobile browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Samsung Browser when using Dashlane’s In-App Bubble feature. They hope to get this working in Firefox too, but as of right now it’s not possible for us to access the web page on this browser.

Source: Dashlane