Super Mario Run full unlock will be half price later this month

By | 9th March 2018
Super Mario Run official logo

Ever since its launch, Super Mario Run has offered a $10 premium unlock that gets you the full game and more. For a limited time this month, though, that unlock will be significantly cheaper.

From March 10 through March 25, Super Mario Run's full unlock will be half-off. That means that in the U.S., the price will be $4.99.  The sale is in honor of "MAR10 DAY", which is March 10.

In Super Mario Run, you travel through 6 worlds with 24 levels, and you can play the whole thing with one hand. Mario will run forward automatically, and you just tap the screen to make him jump. Also included is the Toad Rally mode where you compete against your friends to earn a high score while performing stylish moves, as well as Remix 10 with 10 very short courses that you play in a row. For every 10 courses cleared, you'll play a bonus game.

Ten dollars is a lot for some people to spend on a mobile game, and so the price of the full Super Mario Run unlock may have turned some people off of the game. At half-off, the full game is more palatable, and this sale could bring some folks back to Super Mario Run.

Will you buy the full unlock of Super Mario Run at this discounted price?